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Top 5 Best Organic Premium Dates To Look For In Riyadh

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Dates are used as natural sweeteners and in juices, smoothies, baked products, and other foods practically everywhere in the world.

Learn about the most significant sorts of organic premium dates in Riyadh, SA and how they differ.

Medjool Dates

Large, moist dates that have a medium level of sweetness taste completely natural without adding sugar and offer various crucial elements.

The Ajwa Date

They are soft, sweet, black dates." These fruits are abundant in vital minerals, vitamins, and fiber that help the body and mind in several ways. Our premium dates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are one of the most adaptable fruits because they may be eaten either fresh or dried. These dates often come in a dry form and range in color from a dark brown to practically black. They are pleasantly delicate and fruity with a taste akin to prunes.

Sukari Dates

Because of their flavor and distinctive taste provided by its crystallized sugar, these Royal Dates," which are yellow, solid, and sweet in composition, have been much sought after.

Our best quality dates in Riyadh are dark-colored sweet dates that demand more chewing to enjoy their exquisite sweetness. They also taste delicious.

Khudari Dates

Khudari dates have a consistent dark brown color and aren't overly wrinkled (dates can range from smooth to as wrinkly as a prune, depending on the variety). These dates have small flakes of skin.


It is golden-brown, translucent, and has a little caramel flavor that is not overly sweet. Al-Kholas Dates are premium dates grown to perfection with their all-natural flavors to satisfy you with every bite. They are preferred in many desserts, poultry, and vegetarian food recipes and make a fantastic snack.


Our organic dates in Riyadh are nutrient-dense food that can also be offered as gifts to your loved ones. This priceless fruit contains many components that make you want to buy it.


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