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Popular Dates Varieties In Saudi Arabia

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Dates come in various flavors and forms, but they all share specific characteristics, like being sweet, chewy, and delicious. Not to mention dates' fantastic health advantages. As a result, our Premium Dates in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia are unquestionably one of the healthiest and tastiest fruit varieties.

Regarding dates' health advantages, they are rich in minerals the body needs. Therefore, these fruits are beneficial to our health. However, since we do not fully understand the health benefits of dates, it is time to change the fact that they do not immediately come to mind when we think of nutritious foods.

There are many distinct sorts of dates, and it cannot be easy to discern one from another in some cases. But after reading this article, it is no longer challenging.

Consider the following categories of popular dates in Saudi Arabia.

1. Ajwa Dates

One of the most popular and in-demand Organic Dates in Riyadh, SA is the Ajwa date. These smooth, brown dates are the best because of their delicate texture and soft exterior.

Exclusively farmed in Medina, Ajwa dates fetch extremely high rates everywhere else. Ajwa, however, is incredibly widespread and highly revered in Saudi Arabia.

Ajwa dates are now divided into different categories based on the size and weight of the fruit; a suitable Ajwa date has a curly, black, and good texture. The sweet flavor of Ajwa dates sets them apart.

2. Sukary Rutab

The Arabic word "Sukkur," which means "sweet," is whence Sukary dates receive their name. These dates live up to their reputation as being exceedingly sweet; they are a preferred treat among fruit lovers in Saudi Arabia.

The fruit's flavor is amplified and becomes sweeter because it is dry.

These Best Quality Dates in Riyadh deliver the best of both worlds, striking the ideal balance between flavor and texture with a crisp, dry surface and a delightful taste.

Sukary dates are the most significant dates, besides being delicious, for people trying to lose weight and consume less sugar.

3. Khudri Dates

This is ideal for someone who enjoys a harder nut to crack (or date to chew?) because of its thick, dry coat and flaky nature.

Don't be deceived by the consistency, as these dates also contain the perfect amount of sweetness.

These premium dates in Riyadh provide perfectly balanced snacks, especially when enjoyed with tea. This is because they have a rich flavor and numerous health advantages.

4. Kholas Dates

You're going to adore these if you like caramel. The delectable Kholas dates have a flavor akin to caramel, soft texture, and even softer flesh.

You'll want more of these dates because of their soft, chewy flesh and sticky texture. It's not hard to understand why Kholas dates are a delicacy.

5. Medjool Dates

One of the most significant varieties of dates in the entire globe is Medjool dates. They have a mouthwatering flavor similar to caramel and linger in the mouth for a while. Due to its sweet taste and freshness, it is also recognized for its enormous size. Juices made with it provide a variety of health advantages, including boosting the immune system.


Although we've only listed five varieties of dates here, Goodo has fifteen types of different dates with varying levels of sweetness and flavor.


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