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As one of the largest date producers in Saudi Arabia, we offer a wide variety of delicious date products – all in one place. Goodo is proud to offer all types of premium dates that are found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we have a wide range of organic best rutab dates in Riyadh and are ready to deliver anywhere globally.


Rich in its golden and jumbo appearance. Rich in flavor like brown sugar.

Caramel flavored but not too sweet, they are golden brown and have semi translucent skin and flesh. The dates are very low in fat and are cholesterol-free. They are a rich source of protein, fibers, mineral, and vitamins.


Known as Royal Dates in Riyadh; yellow skinned with firm and sweet flesh. Highly demanded due to its taste and crystallized sugar that provides a crisp bite. It is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.


Jumbo and long size dates with dark wrinkled and soft skin. The taste is a true delight and melts in one’s mouth. Wanan is an excellent source of dietary fibers, potassi-um, magnesium, B-Vitamins, and iron.


Known to Muslims as the ‘holy date’. These dates have soft black skin and are mildly sweet.

Nabtat Sultan.jpg
Nabtat Sultan

Frozen cone shaped dates, with dark maroon skin, chewy and caramelized flavor flesh.

Sukary Rutab.jpg
Sukary Rutab

Frozen brown quality dates in Riyadh with sweet and chewy flesh. Highly demanded due to its caramelized taste.

Nabtat Salma.jpg
Nabtat Salma

Super Jumbo balah; these are very sweet, yellow, and crunchy dates.


Dark skinned dates, sweet and chewy. They are perfect gluten free sweet treats. Rich in fibers, minerals, fat-free, cholester-ol-free, sodium-free, and rich in vitamins.


Rich in its golden appearance and sweet flavor like brown sugar. Like all variety of Dates rich in nutritional values.


Large and moderately sweet, It is meaty, moist and luscious. It is simply naturally sweet with no sugar added and provides a wide range of essential nutrients.

Fankha Rutab.jpg
Fankha Rutab

Jumbo fresh red skinned frozen dates, with very sweet taste. This are one of the best rutab dates in Riyadh.

Maktoomi Rutab.jpg
Maktoomi Rutab

Round fresh dark skinned frozen, sweet, and chewy dates.

Wanan Rutab.jpg
Wanan Rutab

Frozen Jumbo and long size dates with dark and soft chewy flesh.

Nabtat Seif.jpg
Nabtat Seif

Frozen brown dates, moderately sweet and chewy.

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