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Organic Premium Quality Dates
With Goodness Of Nature 


Our Vision Is To Offer The Best Organic Premium Dates In Riyadh 

Our premium organic dates are carefully selected from the best farms throughout the kingdom. Our vision is to provide the widest variety of finest quality premium organic dates that will be appreciated and desired by all date lovers. We grow, nurture, and cultivate date fruits from the beginning until the end of the harvest season. Thus, we understand what you require on your table simultaneously. Explore some of the most premium organic dates varieties directly served to you from our farms. Order now to buy dates online in Riyadh.



Rich in its golden and jumbo appearance. Rich in flavor like brown sugar.




Caramel flavored but not too sweet, they are golden brown and have semi translucent skin and flesh. The dates are very low in fat and are cholesterol-free. They are a rich source of protein, fibers, mineral, and vitamins.



Known as Royal Dates; yellow skinned with firm and sweet flesh. Highly demanded due to its taste and crystallized sugar that provides a crisp bite. It is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.



Dark skinned dates, sweet and chewy. They are perfect gluten free sweet treats. Rich in fibers, minerals, fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and rich in vitamins.



Jumbo and long size dates with dark wrinkled and soft skin. The taste is a true delight and melts in one’s mouth. Wanan is an excellent source of dietary fibers, potassium, magnesium, B-Vitamins, and iron.



Rich in its golden appearance and sweet flavor like brown sugar. Like all variety of Dates rich in nutritional values.

About Us

Goodo is an organic premium royal dates brand dedicated to providing a wide variety of the best quality dates in Riyadh. We are proud to have 16,000 palm trees of 10 different types of excellent grade organic dates in our farms: Al Bustan and Al Rahmaniah. In addition, we received the German Organic Agriculture Certificate for our organic agricultural programs in fertilization, irrigation, service, and pest control in our farms. 


One of the main objectives of our business is to provide the best Rutab Dates in Riyadh along with a wide range of other organic premium dates. To assure the quality of our dates, we carefully hand-pick them from our farms and then process and package them on our advanced production lines to guarantee the best quality standards. Consumers' preferences and the environment are indispensable to our business.


Why Choose Us 

Our organic dates are grown, processed and handled using advanced technological techniques and comprehensive farming practices to satisfy the precise regulatory and quality standards. In addition, we monitor the whole process, from plantation to packing. As a result, we take pride in having established a leading position in the dates cultivation and processing industry in Saudi and a dependable reputation among our clients. Our methodology is crucial because we believe in providing only the finest quality.


Our efforts in the right direction have helped us achieve European and Saudi organic certifications, such as the Abdullah Al-Sulaiman "JOOD Award for scientific creativity" for the best model that implements organic agricultural programs of fertilization, irrigation, service, and pest control. 

Accredited Certifications

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Our Farms 

Al-Rahmaniah farms recycle their waste and manufacture compost according to international standards, and has a desalination plant to supply the farm with fresh water. Moreover, both our farms produce best quality organic dates in Riyadh conforming to international standards and produce palm cultivars that meet the quality standards, with an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture for each cultivar or palm tree that comes out of the farm. 

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