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Top 5 Best Quality Dates To Savor In Riyadh

In Saudi Arabia, dates are among the most widely consumed fruits. It has become an integral component of Saudi culture because of its religious significance and is widespread in abundance in the nation. So trying them out is a requirement if you're a visitor to the Kingdom.

Choosing the best quality royal dates in Riyadh can be challenging, given the enormous variety accessible to you. We have created a list of the top dates available in Saudi Arabia. Let's start now.

1. Ajwa Dates

It originates from the Saudi Arabian city of Medina and is only occasionally grown.

These dates are frequently recognized as the most notable dates with a soft, brown shell and a gentle feel.

It is black in hue with extremely slight wrinkles and has a feel similar to a prune. These dates are moderately sweet and pleasantly smooth. Despite their dry nature, these premium quality dates in Riyadh have a fruity flavor. Because Ajwa dates are naturally bite-sized dried fruit, managing how much to pack and eat is simple.

2. Khudri

The most well-known variety of dates is the Khudri. This date has a large, cylindrical shape, is often amber to dark brown, and has flaky, wrinkled skin. It has a deliciously soft and chewy texture, a sweet, raisin-like flavor, and a caramel aftertaste.

These organic dates in Riyadh are ideal for someone who prefers a harder nut to crack. Despite what the consistency might suggest, don't be fooled, as these dates also have the proper amount of sweetness. They provide perfectly balanced snacks, especially when enjoyed with tea. This is because they have a rich flavor and numerous health advantages.

3. Mejdool

One of the most well-liked date varieties in the world is the Medjool, also referred to as the California date. Its broad, elongated shape and pointy end make it simple to recognize despite having a thick outer skin and a deep brown color. It is plump, moist, and sweet and has a distinct caramel flavor with vanilla undertones.

Due to their caramel-like flavor and soft, chewy texture, they are among the tastiest dates to eat. In addition, due to their high moisture content, they taste fantastic when consumed fresh. Medjool dates keep well at room temperature for 12–15 days.

4. Sukari Dates

The King of Dates, Sukkari Dates, are renowned for their melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness and golden, velvety texture.

The fruit's flavor is amplified, and its sweetness is only made sweeter because it is dry. These dates deliver the best of both worlds, striking the ideal balance between flavor and texture with a crisp, dry texture and a delightful taste.

Most Saudi Arabians choose Sukari dates over other types of dates because of their nutritional value, health benefits, and low cost.

5. Wanan Dates

The Wanan is a Goodo signature date that is exclusive and a genuine treat for lovers of dates.

The large, cone-shaped body and the dark, wrinkled skin are the Wanan date's identifying features. Sweetly pleasant and delicious.


There are numerous types of dates available in Saudi Arabia, all with varying levels of sweetness and flavor, even though we have only highlighted five here. The five listed here are the most well-liked, and you must try them. Visit our website to order the best dates in Riyadh.


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