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Riyadh Premium Dates: History And Uses In The Kitchen

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Dates, which have been grown and traded throughout the region since 7000 B.C., are today produced in the kingdom in third-place status worldwide. So it makes sense that the date palm and the crossed swords on Saudi Arabia's flag are intertwined because they are both essential to the country's nutrition and economy. Each mature fruit is manually selected for the 800,000 metric tonnes gathered annually. The premium quality dates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are collected, then allowed to ripen in four stages: kimri (unripe, green), khalal (full-size, crunchy, yellow), rutab (ripe, soft), and tamr (ripe, sun-dried, dark); they are consumed at each stage.

Do you know why dates have been so popular recently? Dates are the ideal kind of natural sweetener. They deepen the flavor and richness and add nourishment. Many people are turning to natural sweeteners like dates to add flavor and depth to dishes. "People are just now beginning to realize how these premium dates in Riyadh are suitable for baking and cooking because they have such a rich, caramel flavor. They are no longer mistaken for figs or prunes.

What Does Dates Taste Like?

A date's level of maturity affects its flavor. In Arabic, dates with a crunch and a hint of underripeness are known as khalal and taste delicately sweet. Rutab is the name for ripe, moist dates with a flavor reminiscent of light honey. Tamar is a chewy, dried date that frequently includes overtones of butterscotch, toffee, and caramel.

How Can Dates Be Used To Make Food Savory

Premium Organic Dates in Riyadh can be used in various ways in cooking. In some desserts, they might be used in place of sugar. For instance, to produce homemade granola or high-quality protein cereal bars. They taste fantastic when stuffed with almonds, pine nuts, or chocolate for the gourmet, dusted with bitter cocoa or coconut, or placed inside pastries like cakes, muffins, and sweets. So is a date syrup unnecessary? The extracts can sweeten yogurt, pancakes, and smoothies instead of white sugar. Boil the diced dried dates for a couple of hours, then filter and thicken the liquid over the fire.

Dates are a preferred ingredient for baked products and desserts because of their inherent sweetness. Delicious date-and-nut pastries and rolled dates with coconut flakes are both typical snacks. In addition, dates can be used to sweeten smoothies or to make milkshakes with ice cream or frozen bananas. Savory dishes can be prepared by using date palm fruit.

Where Will You Find Organic Dates in Riyadh?

Fresh dates are occasionally sold at farmer's markets in the late summer and early fall, and dried dates are readily available in Middle Eastern markets, health food grocers, and internet sellers. However, the sort of date most frequently found in Riyadh is the organic dates. Do not forget to visit Goodo if you are in Riyadh and looking for premium quality dates.

Dried dates are also offered as sweeteners such as date paste, date sugar, and date syrup due to their high sugar content.


If you purchase fresh dates, consume them right away, but take care to avoid biting into the pits. The shelf life of dried dates is roughly six months when kept in an airtight container at room temperature. When stored in the refrigerator or freezer, dates will last longer, although they may develop a dry feel with time.


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