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4 Different Maturity Stages Of Date Ripening In Saudi Arabia

Due to their high mineral, protein, and vitamin content, dates are frequently referred to as "black gold." As more people attempt to eat healthfully, date components are becoming more popular. Look for the best Rutab Dates in Riyadh, as they can be used as a natural sweetener in smoothies, drinks, nutrition bars, and baked goods, including cakes and muffins. So we decided that writing a specific post about this lusciously soft and delightfully delicious fruit would be worthwhile for our readers. Are you prepared to learn some intriguing dates-related information now?

Date fruit growth and development include numerous internal and external changes. These five stages of change, which typically involve adjustments to the fruit's size, color, and chemical makeup, are as follows:


This stage is known as Khimri or the raw stage. Kimri, which lasts nine to fourteen weeks, depending on the variety, is the longest stage in the growth and development of date fruit. This Organic Premium Dates in Riyadh is green in color and has a rough feel; therefore, it is not yet fit for consumption.

For 4 to 5 weeks during this period, the fruit proliferates in size, reaching 90% of its final size. It is followed by a second, slower growth phase that lasts for four to five weeks and sees only a 22% increase in size.

Size, weight, lowering sugars, excellent acid activity, and high moisture content are all characteristics of this phase. As a result, the fruit is botanically mature and ready to harvest at the end of the stage.


This stage lasts between three to five weeks, depending on the variety. The fruit's texture softens during this stage. Depending on the species, the color changes from green to green-yellow, yellow, pink, red, or scarlet. Weight gain is slow at this stage, but sucrose content increases, and water content decreases. In addition, tannins will lose their astringency while precipitating.

In varieties in which tannin's precipitation process evolves rapidly, the fruit is already palatable at the khalal stage.


The apex tip begins to ripen at this stage, which lasts for two to four weeks, and at this time, it turns brown-black and gets fluffy. The rutab stage is marked by a significant loss of moisture, which causes the water content to drop to roughly 35%. The inversion of sucrose to invert sugars, the browning of the skin, and the weakening of the tissues are additional notable modifications.

If you are looking for the best quality rutab dates in Riyadh, rutab dates can be the best.

Tamar Stage

Most dates cultivated for commerce never get to the tamar stage. The color of the dates turns from yellow to brown or dark brown at this point, indicating that they are fully ripe. The water content is reduced during this stage. Finally, the fruit starts to preserve itself, and its water content drops to about 24 to 25 percent of its weight. If you are looking to buy dates online in Riyadh, tamar stage dates can be the perfect one.


The history of dates is extensive and varied. Middle Eastern countries rely heavily on them. These foods are nutritious and healthy. Dates keep well in an airtight container and can be kept at room temperature for a few months or in the refrigerator for over two years. Since they contain the least moisture of any whole fruit, they are already dried up by nature.


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