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3 Steps Of Harvesting Premium Dates In Riyadh

The production of organic dates in Riyadh depends significantly on the climate. It needs a long summer, a warm winter, no rain during fruiting and flowering, low relative humidity, and lots of sunlight. Wild dates can grow up to 1500 meters. In the deserts of the Middle East, the date palm is one of the most significant crops.

Challenges Faced While Cultivating Date Palm

Date palm groves have suffered degradation over the past years due to heavy exploitation brought on by an increase in the number of people and domestic animals. Like many other plants, some palms are in danger of going extinct due to human activity. Production of date palms struggles with significant issues like low yields and marketing restrictions. In the traditional growing regions, date palm tree output has decreased over the past ten years. Pests and diseases can reduce production by as much as 30%. Thus, to avoid the damage and to get the best organic dates in Riyadh, we follow the below best practices. These well-designed processes help us to bring fresh farm-produced dates to your table.

To guarantee that you obtain the best quality dates in Riyadh and that of the highest quality, we closely monitor our agricultural practices. Additionally, we have a precise and complete plan for taking care of our palms to produce the highest-quality dates in Riyadh.

Our farms have desalination plants to provide fresh water to the farm, recycle their waste, and produce compost following international standards. Additionally, with a certified certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, our farms, Al Bustan and Al Rahmaniah, offer a wide range of premium dates in Riyadh that adhere to international standards and palm varieties that fulfill quality criteria.

The Way We Prepare For Date Cultivation

1. Composting

This enables the plant to benefit from the hot summer months entirely. Moreover, this is an aerobic decomposition process for recycling organic waste from solid waste. This procedure decomposes the organic waste into compost, a humus-like nutrient for plants.

2. Irrigation

We adhere to the globally acknowledged criteria when we irrigate palm trees. Some types of palm trees, however, require special irrigation techniques.

3. Ecological Pest Control

The most efficient organic and biological control techniques are used in pest management plans, which are executed according to the season and the type of pest. The integrated pest management (IPM) system is used on the farms. This system is based on good agricultural practices, such as fertilization, irrigation, waste and debris removal, Palm Head Service, and wound and site clearing with organic or biological disinfectants.


We supply each palm tree with water, nutrients, and fertilizers at the start of each season to improve production. Our irrigation systems regulate water delivery to prevent overwatering or dehydration, which could lower the quality of the dates produced. Additionally, we preserve our date bunches with protective netting for a predetermined amount of time so that the dates can develop the optimum color, reach their total volume, and expand in size while preserving their flavor and texture. So are you looking to buy dates online in Riyadh? Get in touch with Goodo to leverage the benefit of new farm-produced dates.


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